Curriculum Stuart Anderson Deputy Head of School



Stuart Anderson

Deputy Head of School


“Curriculum Project” is restructuring the academic year – challenge to adapt to a semesterised year.

The need to begin the development of core Informatics in the undergraduate syllabus (that develop the Informatics vision of computation in natural and artificial systems).

Massive increases in the demand at Masters level. We graduate more Masters students per year than we do undergraduates.

Dealing with the fallout from the bursting of the “dotcom bubble”



– Working with Scottish Enterprise to develop innovative approaches to Masters projects.

– Adapt to demand, address need for e-science:

• Collaboration with EPCC on HPC

• Themes relevant to e-Science: bioinformatics, neuroinformatics, learning from data

• New theme: Analytical and Scientific Databases

• Potential new areas: configuration/fabric management, service-centric computing?


– New first year syllabus: introduces Data and Computation with a strong foundational emphasis and applications drawn from all parts of Informatics.

– Commencing re-design of the second year course, take account of issues in configurational systems?