Visit from Herb Budd, IBM Life Sciences

Visit from Herb Budd, IBM Life Sciences
e-Science Institute, March 4th 2003
Herb Budd has a special interest in text-mining and using online text resources
for data-mining and was able to contribute to the discussion
organised by Bonnie Webber on a National Text-Mining Centre. After that
I had a discussion with him about the spatial databases and bioinformatics issues
of the Mouse Atlas programme, including the ideas for combining spatial and
textual description of data. He also expressed interest in the Blue Dwarf machine
gifted to the University and was pleased to see that IBM was still able to make
such donations. He pointed out that it clearly a special case and shows the high
priority IBM sees in links with Edinburgh.
The goals of the meeting were to provide Herb with an snapshot of bioinformatics
activity within the University and for that purpose he met with Miles Osbourne
and students, Douglas Armstrong, Bonnie Webber and myself.
Richard Baldock,
MRC Human Genetics Unit