NEWSLETTER MS.NETGrid OGSI 2.0 released Issue 18, April 2004

Issue 18, April 2004
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MS.NETGrid OGSI 2.0 released
The release of the MS.NETGrid-OGSI 2.0 has just been announced, as the
final deliverable of the MS.NETGrid project which is now completed. This is a
prototype of an OGSI-compliant container for the Microsoft .NET platform. The
prototype features: a programming model based upon ASP.NET .asmx files;
a hosting environment for Grid services; implementations of the GridService,
Factory and Notification-related portTypes; example services including a
demonstration of an OGSA-DAI Grid Data Service which hooks into Microsoft
SQL Server; bug fixes and refactorings to MS.NETGrid-OGSI 1.2; and
functionality to allow services to be persisted in flat files or within Microsoft SQL
The project WWW site also contains links to design overview documents and a
user guide. The release can be downloaded at:
Forthcoming Events
Visualization Workshop
Dr. Sang Min Lee, Dr. Sang Dong Lee and
Dr. Kwang-Jin Oh from the Korea Institute of
Science and Technology Information, on their
visit to NeSC on 24th March, 2004
Chair of e-Science
April 2004
The University of Edinburgh seeks
a world leading researcher to fill a
second, newly established Chair
in e-Science to play a major role in
shaping the future of e-Science by
leading collaborative research and
postgraduate education in a range of
Candidates should be internationally
distinguished academics with expertise
in large-scale distributed software and
data; enthusiasm for education; and
successful track records in multiresearch.
Wed 7 Apr - Thu 8 Apr
OGSA-DAI Meeting organisation
More information on can be found on
Visualisation Ontology Workshop
The meeting will be an opportunity the website:
Wed 7 Apr
for users of OGSA-DAI to meet each
OGSA-DAI User Group Meeting
other and the developers of OGSADAI in order to share experiences, to
Glasgow Access Grid
Tue 20 Apr
discuss requirements and to prioritise
Visit from the Australian Academy development. Access Grid will be
If you would like to book time on the
and used to allow engagement with other
AG, please contact Susan Andrews on
0141 330 8648
OGSA-DAI user sites.
Wed 21 Apr
Meeting for Core e-Science Programme
Open Call/IRC projects
The aim of the workshop is to help to
develop and populate an ontological
Thu 1 Apr - Fri 2 Apr
structure which will provide a common
Globus 2 / Level 2 Grid connection vocabulary for describing visualization
training course
data, processes, and products. The
event will have a mix of presentations
Mon 5 Apr - Tue 6 Apr
from experts in ontologies and XML
Toward a common data and command technologies. A significant part of the
representation for quantum chemistry workshop will be activity-based, aiming
to develop a structure for such an
Tue 6 Apr
OGSA-DAI Tutorial
Grid Environments
May 2004
This workshop aims to bring researchers working on different aspects of
e-Science GRID environments from
the USA (specifically, those working
on the SEEK project) together with
those involved in UK and EU GRID
projects to share knowledge, discuss
challenges and formulate the best way
More information is available at:
Wed 5 May - Fri 7 May
Genes, Embryos and Birth Defects:
Clinical Aspects of Development
NeSC Contact Details
If you would like to hold an e-Science
event at the e-Science Institute, please
Conference Manager,
National e-Science Centre,
15 South College Street,
Edinburgh, EH8 9AA
United Kingdom
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