Proceedings of 20th International Business Research Conference

Proceedings of 20th International Business Research Conference
4 - 5 April 2013, Dubai, UAE, ISBN: 978-1-922069-22-1
Reviving an Old Trading Method in the New Economy: Barter,
as an Alternative Marketing Channel
Gulcin Yaprak Anadol
Companies seek alternatives to cope with recent economic difficulties in
terms of credit and cash flow management, valuing their perishable and
underperformed assets or finding new customers for their unsold product
and services. As being one of the oldest forms of trade, barter becomes an
alternative marketing channel to respond those multiple requirements of
companies. Although barter is a growing business practice for companies,
only a limited number of academic researches available on the topic. This
case study aims to explore the mechanism of a corporate barter system in
a domestic market to provide insight for a future empirical study. Along with
the process, the case specific enablers and difficulties are also defined. A
number of cross-industry barter trade alternatives are provided and barter
system is suggested to local companies, especially to small businesses to
manage their cash flow, while extending their sales opportunities and
marketing channels.
JEL Codes: Marketing
*Dr. Gulcin Yaprak Anadol. Department of Marketing, University of Dubai.
UAE. Email :