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May 4, 2016
Dear Parents,
During our upcoming economics unit we will study bartering. We will
experience this first hand by becoming entrepreneurs and creating our own
product to barter with the other second graders at Lowes Island. This
Barter Day has been set for Friday, May 27, 2016. Your child will need 20
of his/her product ready for Friday, May 27. Do not start making products
yet! Coming home today is a planning sheet for your child to complete as
homework this week that will be returned to me for approval. This homework
assignment is due Monday, May 9. I will return the planning sheet with my
approval. Once you have received my approval, you may begin making your
The week prior to Barter Day, May 23-26 we will be doing our second
round of speech masters. Between Monday, May 23rd – Thursday, May 26th
your child will be assigned a day to present their persuasive speech. The
speech will be an advertisement for their Barter Day product. Your child
needs a visual aid (poster, brochure, etc) to sell the product. As always, they
will be graded on readiness and preparation, eye contact, using a clear and
loud voice, speaking with expression, and the visual aid. Additionally, they will
be graded on how creative the speech is in presenting the product in a
convincing and persuasive way. I will send additional information with your
specific speech date as the time comes closer. Parents should not plan to
attend, as these speeches are not meant to be a performance. Please be sure
you child has practiced managing their props independently, as they will have
to do this on the day of their speech.
Thank you for your assistance with these upcoming activities.
Thank you,
2nd Grade Team