Leadership definitions Leadership:

Leadership definitions
• Is the positive influence on a group of individuals by a
single person (the leader) towards the establishment &
achievement of a common objective or goal
• Is the art of communicating a shared vision so that
people are voluntarily influenced to achieve a common
• Is the act of a visionary individual to attract and
influence others to achieve a shared goal by motivating
them to exceed their expectations through relationship
• Is an art that involves inspiring commitment amongst
followers in order to get them motivated towards a
shared vision by gaining their trust with the ultimate
aim of achieving established goals
• Is defined by the influenced followers perception
• To influence, inspire and guide people in order to
achieve a shared vision
• Is a process of sharing a vision by communicating,
influencing and motivating people in order to
achieve an agreed goal
• Is the power of initiating and influencing people
to work voluntarily towards a shared vision and
Module Tutor
• Is a process of influencing the thoughts and
activities of followers towards achievement of
shared goals