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What is leadership

What is leadership?
There are many definitions of leadership. This due to complex nature of the involvement
of the term itself. According to Warren Bennis, Leadership is a function of knowing
yourself, building trust among colleagues or followers, having vision which is properly
communicated and taking effective action according to the situation. Kenneth Blanchard
said that key to successful leadership is influence not authority. According to Harvey S
Firestone Growth and Development is the highest calling of leadership. Ralph Nadar said
that the function of leadership is to produce more and more leaders not followers. Warren
G. Bannis said that leadership is the capacity to translate the vision into reality.
What does leadership mean to you?
In my view, I see Leaderships as the act of conducting, motivating and empowering
individuals or groups of people to achieve a common goal. For a better performance
people must be led not managed. Leadership should be different under different because
it is related to situation. it is the function of motivating people to strive willingly to attain
organizational objectives. It is also a shared experience that help others attain the
common goals.
What are the three leaderships style you gravitate and why?
The three leaderships style I gravitate to are charismatic leadership, transformational
leadership and the laissez-faire leadership. I believe leaders are born since some people
even being illiterate demonstrate a lot of leadership skills and characteristics. But a talent
without proper training lead most at the time into imperfection and will not create the kind
of transformation or outcome needed to me a particular objective as transformational and
laissez-faire will lead to.