ITU-T Interactive Application Framework and Application Challenge Masahito Kawamori, Coordinator

Workshop on
“Standardized IPTV Applications”
(Geneva, 25 October 2011 )
ITU-T Interactive Application
Framework and Application Challenge
Masahito Kawamori,
ITU-T IPTV Global Standards Initiative
Importance of Global Standards for
Interactive Application for IPTV
Fragmented application platforms make things
technically and economically difficult – higher
costs, reduced efficiency
Standard Platforms reduce technical barriers,
increase efficiency and promote interoperability
Lower costs and increase availability
More tools, more creators, more resources
Create Wider Market – wider deployment,
continued service, assured business cases
Drive competitiveness and innovation, for
individuals and corporations
Multimedia Application Framework
H.76x (MAFR) Series
ITU-T is recommending a series of standard
technologies (MAFR) to be used for IPTV Interaction
As a suite, they can provide rich and innovative
multimedia interaction
MAFR series is
expected to become
the “Common
Suite” for IPTV
Geneva, 25 October 2011
Recommendations comprising
ITU-T MAFR series
H.761 (Ginga-NCL)
ITU-T H.761 (Ginga-NCL for IPTV) is an adaptation of
Also the middleware standard for Brazilian digital
TV broadcasting
adopted in most of Latin America - Argentina,
Peru, Chile, Venezuela, etc. )
Based on XML
Scripting by Lua (script language)
Harmonized with W3C SMIL
Glue language for other multimedia frameworks, and
can include LIME, HTML, SVG as a component
Harmonization with LIME on-going
Geneva, 25 October 2011
H.762 (LIME)
ITU-T H.762 – LIME (Lightweight Interactive
Multimedia Environment)
Not a new “language” but a simple profile of HTMLrelated technologies for creating Interactive IPTV
Based on simple HTML and JavaScript (ECMAScript)
Creating IPTV interactive content is just like very
Simple Web designing
Like Ginga-NCL,
suitable for any type of terminals, esp. poor ones like TV sets
Mobile as well as Fixed
Integration of Web technologies and Multimedia
Harmonization with Ginga-NCL on-going
Geneva, 25 October 2011
IPTV Application Challenge (1)
World’s first IPTV Application
Challenge based on standards
Call for innovative, creative and
value-added applications, based on
two ITU-T IPTV standards-- GingaNCL (H.761) and LIME (H.762) in
July 2011.
Help and support from EBU
(European Broadcasting Union) on
evaluation and procedure
Geneva, 25 October 2011
IPTV Application Challenge (2)
18 submissions in two categories - Corporate
and SME (Small/Medium Enterprise including
Very difficult evaluation, due to good quality of the
submissions – One best application award (in
Corporate) and two awards (in SME) chosen
Award ceremony at Telecom 2011
Comprising the core for the content creation
community based on ITU IPTV standard
More challenges are expected in a near future –
topics such as accessibility, eHealth, etc.
Geneva, 25 October 2011
I2R (Singapore)
“Interactive Shopping”
Winner of “Honorable mention– Innovation”
(Corporate Category)
Geneva, 25 October 2011
HTB (Japan)
“Hokkaido: Its Nature and Wildlife”
Winner of “Honorable mention– Value to Society”
(Corporate Category)
Geneva, 25 October 2011
Tsinghua University (China)
“Picture Puzzle”
Winner of “Honorable mention– User friendliness”
(Corporate Category)
Geneva, 25 October 2011
I2R (Singapore)
“Video Tapestry”
Winner of “Honorable mention–Interactivity”
(Corporate Category)
Geneva, 25 October 2011
Mr. Soares de Lima (Brazil)
“Princess Kidnapping”
Winner of “Honorable Mention - Innovation”
(SME-Individual Category)
Geneva, 25 October 2011
Interop Events
Geneva, July 2010
Singapore, September 2010
Pune, India, December 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18-22 July 2011
Dubai, UAE, 21-22 September 2011
Application Challenge and Workshop on
Interop event for IPTV in Geneva
IPTV Showcasing at Telecom 2011
At Telecom World 2011, ITU-T is showcasing its IPTV
standards at Booth 4271-12.
The award winning applications are also demonstrated
on real terminals
International companies comprising the IPTV ecosystem demonstrate additional viable services and use
cases of IPTV implementation and content distribution
High-definition IPTV, Android-based terminals,
Hybrid DTT/IPTV Box, content rights management
framework, etc.
Geneva, 25 October 2011
ITU IPTV Recommendations reduce technical
barriers, increase efficiency and promote
Interactive Platforms of ITU IPTV - Ginga-NCL
(H.761) and LIME (H.762) - are already
IPTV Application Challenge event is an
important step toward creating a community of
people and organizations creating interactive
content based on ITU-T IPTV standard
IPTV Application Challenge event has shown
that ITU IPTV standards are truly global & open
standards that are ready to be deployed across
a wide range of applications and services
Thank you!!!
Congratulations to all the winners of
the Challenge
Sincere Appreciation to all the
submitters to the Challenge
A big thank you to the committee
members, especially TSB, for their
hard work on preparation
Geneva, 25 October 2011