The World of Work

The World of Work
Learning Objectives
Identify characteristics employers look for
in employees.
Describe how to prepare a resume, write a
cover letter, and fill out a job application.
List five sources of information about job
Explain how to get ready for an interview.
What Employers Look For
Level of Education - at least a high school
Required Skills – basic skills include ability to
read well, communicate well, basic math
Work Experience – most employers prefer some
work experience
Character and Personality – employers value
honesty, dependability, and hard work.
Beginning Your Job Search
Preparing your resume – highlights you
job qualifications, persuades employers to
grant you an interview.
Provides information about:
Your employment objective
Work Experience
Other Activities
Looking for Openings
Your Network – parents, friends,
neighbors, and acquaintances
Your School – work experience program
Want Ads – help wanted ads in the
Local Businesses – posted job notices
Employment Agencies – organizations set
up to help people find jobs.
Contacting Potential Employers
1. Writing a Cover Letter – accompanies the
resume you send to a potential employer.
2. Job Application – follow directions carefully,
provide information carefully, write neatly.
3. Employment Testing – examples include word
processing tests for Administrative Assistants
or driving tests for jobs that involve driving.
4. Job Interview – a face-to-face discussion
between an employer and possible employee
Job Interview
Do some homework about the job
Be on time
Wear appropriate clothing
Put your best foot forward
Ask questions about the job
Ask about the pay and benefits
Do not expect the job offer right away.
Write a thank you letter
Follow up