Health and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday 2 July 2013

Health and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday 2nd July 2013
Chair: Roger Buckle [RB]
Minutes: Julie Brannon [JB]
Committee: Robin Ball [HoD], Julie Brannon [JB], Sue Burrows [SB], Jeanette Chattaway [JC], Robert
Johnston [RJ], Mohammed Saghir [MS], David Walker [DW], Steve York [SY]
Apologies: Bob Bridgland [BB], Jon Duffy [JD], Bob Day [RD]
The Committee formally welcomed Roger [RB] back.
1. a Minutes of the meeting of 19th March 2013
The minutes from the last meeting were approved
b Minutes of the last meeting [w/c 27th May]
The minutes were not available to check – however the salient points were reported verbally
and accepted.
2. Matters Arising [ 19th March and May]
2.1 Delegated Responsibility
The Department is keen to ensure that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities
with regard to health and safety. This is part of changing the safety culture within the
Action JB and RB to review information and communication with regard to delegated
2.2 3.1 the laser lab access control has been repaired and is now fully operational.
2.3 3.2 the nitrogen decant point in MAS has a new floor to smooth transition of dewars.
2.4 3.3 orders for radiation are still not being seen by the URPA
Action JB to continue to raise this issue with the UoW to try to resolve the gap in the
3. Chair’s business
3.1 Accidents/Incidents
One incident reported since last meeting – Physics undergrad student burnt thumb and
forefinger when making TLC spotters from glass pipettes in chemistry department. Rob Jenkins
[chemistry DHSA] was to investigate.
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3.2 On-Line training testing
There are now three tests available on-line
 Cryogenics
 HF
 Radiation
There was a lack of understanding as to whether the results of the on-line tests were being
reported appropriately.
Action RB to investigate further with ITS to ensure that the system is working well enough to
be able to proceed with the rest of the training modules on-line.
In order to support the changing safety culture it was felt that personal delivery of induction
material in the autumn term to new starters is still important, and will continue.
4 Items
4.1 HF Laboratory
The lab is not being used at the moment; however when issues of obtaining PPE have been
resolved within user groups we then anticipate that the facility will be fully utilised.
4.2 MAS/Physics lab alterations
There are changes of space between chemistry and physics. There are some proposals to
change access for lab 155 – reducing its use as a thoroughfare and making the area around the
HF cabinet even safer for users.
Vasily Kantsler (VK) is planning to carry out tissue work which is subject to authorisation /
control via the GMBSC (Genetic Modification and Biosafety Committee). VK has completed risk
assessments which will be taken to the next GMBSC meeting planned for 11 th July.
There are other new users of space planned; the MAS house committee meeting will
determine what facilities are required.
4.3 Annual Inspections
The report of the 2012 safety inspection was presented and discussed. A response to the
report’s findings is required by 19th July.
Agreement that the actions classified as ‘2’ (Serious issue raised, no immediate risk of
harm/damage) will be the immediate priority.
4.4 Open Days / School Demo Equipment
Safety concerns had been raised with regard to the Marx Generator and Jacobs Ladder.
The Marx requires testing for X radiation [JD] but is currently awaiting repair.
The Jacobs ladder has been tested for O₃ [RB]. The levels were high inside the cabinet, but
levels at the demonstrator level were acceptable according to EH40. Further controls put in
Handling of equipment is an issue; hence equipment currently used for demos in schools needs
to be re-engineered.
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Specialist areas
Top Tier approval seems to be working – more requests for approval being received by RB.
An audit of the Opera System to be carried checking particularly for materials not being
identified as hazardous.
Action – JB to carry out audit and trial a filtering process for the ordering of seriously
hazardous materials (with input from SB)
5.2 Safety Department
JB informed of the progress of the hazard mapping system
5.3 Radiation and Lasers – nothing to report
JC reported that there is to be a new hoist in Milburn with a 59 kg max load.
Action – JC to ensure that the equipment is added to the Estates Statutory Testing regime.
SB reported that the doors to the teaching lab are still out of action. It appears that Honeywell
cannot resolve the problem.
Action - JB to raise the issue with the Fire Safety Adviser
The next meeting is on Tuesday, tba, 10-11am in MAS 2.06
Signed ___________________________________________________________
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Roger Buckle, DHSA