Summer Programme 2007 Photo Journey

Summer Programme 2007
Photo Journey
A picture speaks a thousand words
This is a 6‐week programme which includes 2 weeks of field trips in China from 28 May to 8
June 2006. 28 students with Professor Sim and Professor Ooi & Mrs Ooi from the Department of Real Estate participated in the programme. Some RE Year 3 students currently studying in China for their SEP/NOC semesters also participated in some of the field trips and lectures. The group visited real estate institutions in both the public and private sectors, as well as development projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou.
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As a Chinese saying goes, “The journey is the reward”
Company and Site Visits
A Critical Exposure
ÂEssentialists hope that when students leave
school, they will possess not only basic skills
and an extensive body of knowledge, but also
disciplined, practical minds, capable of applying
schoolhouse lessons in the real world”
‐ William C. Bagley
Planning Exhibition: Planning Model of Shanghai
Seminar and Site Visit to One Park Avenue hosted by Keppel Land
Seminar conducted by CapitaLand and a retail visit to Raffles City in Shanghai
Seminar conducted by GIC
An opportunity to visit a township development showflat – Cambridge Waters
An insight into the much talk about “Suzhou Industrial Park Experience!”
Site Visit to a Residential Development and Service Apartment
A seminar hosted by Jones Lang LaSalle
A University Experience
Tongji, Zhejiang and Fudan
After a lecture in Tongji University
Tongji University
Having a Lecture with the local students in Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University
Attending a Lecture in Fudan University
Fudan University
Bonded Friendships
“Friendship make prosperity more
shining and lessens adversity by dividing
and sharing it”
Cicero, On Friendship, 44 B.C.
Roman author, orator, & politician (106 BC ‐ 43 BC)
Exchanges with the Local Students
Personal Bonding
Cultural Exchange
“Food is our common ground, a universal
‐ James Beard
Meal Treats!
“May memory restore again and again
The smallest color of the smallest day:
Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.”
‐ Delmore Schwartz
“It was the engine to individual’s intellectual, personal and professional growth.
Furthermore, this module took a step further to allow us to reach, experience and
fully comprehend the real estate market which no other modules can match up to!
Valuable friendships were forged with precious memories etched in my mind. It is
definitely the most enriching and inspiring step that I have taken in my years here in
NUS!” – Celeste Lok
“Nothing beats learning whilst traveling, with good company to
boot!” – Samantha Ong
“Summer Programme is a one of its kind. It’s like an overseas freshmen orientation which I’ve missed.
This is a perfect opportunity for me to know great gang whom I’ll treasure so much even when I aged
with grand kids. I’ll bug on them because I love them all! If you are thinking of an overseas college,
this is definitely better! Because the trip is just the beginning and the best part continues in our
homeland. We may even consider going overseas on our own! “– Noel Tay
“This Shanghai programme has introduced me to the various stakeholders in the
Shanghai real estate industry and has given me fresh perspectives of how they fit
into and work the grand picture ( A thriving property market).” – Celeste Han
”You will never want to give this wonderful experience a miss! It’s not just about learning and doing projects but it's also an opportunity for bonding, making new discoveries, travelling, having fun and so much more. I am so glad that I have signed up for this programme. It's awesome!” ‐ Hui Ching
“I jumped into the boat without much thought. And this boat opened my eyes to
the world out there. Met new friends along the way, and boy was I wrong about
them; They're such a fun bunch, I wish I knew them earlier.” – John Chok
“Through this whole course, I have evolved from a passive learner to
someone who is ready to translate theoretical knowledge into practice.
The skills that I learned would be beneficial for me and I am sure can be
apply in other aspects of my life.” – Mei Shan
“Till now I have never regretted writing my name on the piece of ordinary looking
paper. Little did I know the adventure and fun I was going to encounter along the way.
The trip has brought me new friends and strengthened old friendships. Nothing can
replace my Shanghai Experience” – Britmand Wong
“Things which you cannot learn in lectures or textbooks can be experienced and
appreciated fully in this programme!” – Alicia Su
"A memorable trip which encompasses fun, joy and laughter. Yet it helps to open up our mind to the potential and powerfulness of the China market, Shanghai in particular. I did not regret making the decision of going for this summer programme.“ – Lin Yihan
“Summer programme opened my eyes to the world!!!! I was especially bowl over
by the scale of development in China which will never be felt in Singapore.” – Lin
Lastly, an apt quote to conclude our Amazing Adventure…
"Education is the power to think clearly, the
power to act well in the world's work, and
the power to appreciate life.“
‐Brigham Young
Compiled by: Celeste Lok