Current and Planned Facilities for Scientific Research and Training

Current and Planned Facilities for Scientific Research and Training
The College of Science and Mathematics at California State University, Fresno has
biochemistry and physics labs, whereas the College of Social Sciences has a Social Research
Laboratory available for the research training component of the proposed project. The College
of Health and Human Services has a vast regional affiliation network with 150 area institutions,
including the University Medical Center, St. Agnes Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente Hospital,
and Children’s Hospital of Central California, that provide a variety of clinical experiences in
nursing, physical therapy, social work, and communicative disorders.
Several research centers are available to support faculty research, collaborative and innovative
projects. The Central California Science Center at the College of Science and Mathematics has
been involved in cancer research, Alzheimer's disease research and research on diabetes. The
Central California Center for Health and Human Services; the Central California Children’s
Institute; the Central California Institute for Healthy Aging; the Central Valley Health Policy
Institute; the Disabilities Studies Institute; the Social Welfare Evaluation, Research, and Training
Center; and the Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing have been established with
the purpose to improve health care outcomes and quality of life for the diverse communities in
the San Joaquin Valley, to promote research, and to enhance collaboration among academic
programs. All centers are equipped with computer stations available for faculty and students
engaged in conducting research, grant writing, and data analysis.