The Scotsman
16 August 2003
“Patrick Fitzgerald’s score is diverse, powerfully expressive and appealingly direct:
imagine Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, Stephen Sondheim and even Aaron
Schonberg competing for stave space.
A bit of an indie hero, fans of Fitzgerald’s Kitchens of Distinction success d’estime
outfit should storm the box office. He dances on the half-circle of pedals, making an
electronic orchestra of a simple steel string.
And even that seems secondary to the sheer visceral blast of Fern Smith’s
performance. With a powerful, growly alto, a to-die-for black-sequinned Betty Boop
costume, and the physicality of a decathlete, she is astounding, like a figure-skating
Ute Lemper.”
The Belfast Telegraph
9 September 2003
“Written, composed and performed by Patrick Fitzgerald and Fern Smith, this unique
sample of experimental theatre combines Fitzgerald’s musicality with Smith’s
amazing theatricality to great effect.
Against an atmospheric lighting plot, Fitzgerald’s music fluctuates between angry and
sombre moods to reflect changing emotions, while Smith’s cutting, wide-ranging and
distinctive vocals demand the attention of the audience.
Indeed, you really should try to experience this amazing show. It will last in the
memory long after the final performance.”
The Western Mail
14 March 2003
“The piece is performed as a series of monologues and songs and the effect is that
of a kind of postmodernist French chanson singer emerging from an emotional
A mesmeric, uncomfortable, unique, awesome performance.”