Student activity tasks Student activities c(iii) and (iv)

Student activity tasks
Student activities c(iii) and (iv)
To highlight the extent of the biodiversity issues locally and worldwide a
world map could be created on computer screen, paper, pin board, student
planners, booklets etc. The map can be used as a visual summary for the
information generated from classroom learning tasks, homework tasks and
research from across the biodiversity topic. Some of the areas that could be
considered are:
centres of agriculture production
hotspots of biodiversity: high and threatened
hotspots affected by climate change in terms of diversity
areas where exotic species have been introduced and have had a
detrimental effect on native species
 mass extinction and areas of near extinction.
The information can be displayed in student notes, in the classroom or as a
display in a corridor to raise global awareness of the ‘biodiversity crisis’.
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