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March 5, 2012
Negotiated Agreement for 2011-13: CCEU and District
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In February, 2012, the District reached tentative agreement with CCEU regarding a contract for 2011-13.
The District has been notified that CCEU unanimously ratified the tentative agreement. The following
presents the major provisions of the CCEU/District agreement:
Article 4.11 Negotiation Committee
 An additional 1/2 hour of release time was added to the CCEU negotiation team’s preparation
time for each bargaining session
Article 10 Classification and Reclassification of Positions
 All performance under Article10.4 through 10.4.8 classification studies/salary reviews and the
Classification Study/Salary Review committee) is suspended for the 2011-12 contract year.
 Added language that job descriptions and job announcements shall be consistent with each other.
Article 11 Health & Welfare Benefits (Side Letter 2010-11.4)
 Prescription drug coverage in 11.4.1(e) shall be provided through Medco
 Benefit stipend adjusted to reflect new rates
Article 14 Leaves of Absence: Paid
 In reference to extended illness leave, the District agreed to give employees up to 100 days of
sick leave each year and compensate employees at 50% of their salary for all time used in excess
of their “regular” sick leave. This leave may be coordinated with other unused leave balances
once all “regular” sick leave has been exhausted, granting up to 100 days of absence for the same
illness or injury.
It is recommended that the Governing Board approve the 2011-13 agreement between CCEU and the
Administrator Initiating Item:
Victoria Lewis
Academic and Professional Matter
If yes, Faculty Senate Agreement
Senate President Signature
 Yes  No
 Yes  No
Final Disposition
Article 16 Negotiated Layoff and Reemployment
 District to notify CCEU of reductions in writing with issuance of notice to bargaining unit
 16.2.5: Eliminate dental benefits after layoff.
 16.3: Order of layoff: District shall determine, in consultation with CCEU, to grant or deny
“voluntary layoff.”
 16.3.4: The parties acknowledge seniority in the LIA classification may be redefined or
modified with layoffs implemented on or after July 1, 2012 which resulted from the
implementation of the LIA job description review recommendations.
 16.4: Clarification of bumping rights in relation to vacancies, percentage of assignment and least
senior position into which an affected employee may bump.
 16.6: Bargaining unit member may elect layoff in lieu of bumping or reduction of assignment.
 16.7.1: Tucker v. Grossmont decision, laid off or bumped bargaining unit member who applies
to fill a vacant position shall be employed in preference to a new applicant if he or she meets the
qualifications for the position.
 16.10: Bargaining Unit Member Notification to District: If bargaining unit member does not
respond within a ten day period, second notification will be sent to home address on file.
Bargaining unit member shall have five working days from receipt to respond to second notice.
Bargaining unit member’s eligibility on reemployment list shall terminate upon refusal to accept
employment offers for three different openings.
 16.12: Workload, after a layoff, District shall not increase workload of remaining bargaining
unit members which exceeds the job description or cannot be performed within the regular
 16.13 Effects of Layoff: This Article completes “effects bargaining” for all future layoffs as to
the subject matters covered herein.
Article 17 Grievance Procedure
 Adds union as grievant for unnamed workers, but only up to mediation step.
Article 24 Duration and Reopeners, Retirement Incentive
 A two-year agreement effective July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013.
 Either party may open as many as seven articles before April, 2012.
 Article 10 Classification and Reclassification of position is suspended for 2011-12, however this
article shall not be reopened for 2012-13, meaning classification study requests will be accepted.
 The Classification Study/Salary Review Committee shall complete the review of the LIA job
description during the 2011-12 contract year.
2011-12 Retirement Incentive
o Implement a retirement incentive program during June/July 2011
 15 years of service to less than 20 years of service: $10,000
 20 years of service or more: $15,000
Appendix C
 Professional Growth Credit Basis: one unit for full year in office for elective offices not to
exceed 40.