South Lanarkshire College Showcase for Excellence

South Lanarkshire College
Showcase for Excellence
Signposting excellent and sector-leading and innovative practice 5: Excellent
practice in the Promoting Success staff development initiative
The college has demonstrated its continuing commitment to quality improvement
through an innovative staff development programme for unpromoted teaching and
support staff. As part of a long term strategy to build leadership and to plan for
succession, the college has developed and implemented an active learning
programme for staff interested in career advancement. The initiative has been
designed to engage a wide range of staff in developing leadership and management
skills, thus enabling them to challenge and influence the future direction of the
college. Around 10% of staff are participating after a selection process involving the
college principal and college representatives of professional bodies. Participants
engage in assignments, present their findings, prepare reports and undertake
learning based on visits to employers or other colleges. These external visits have
enabled participants to form helpful and productive partnerships and liaison with
colleagues in industry and commerce and with peers in other colleges. Participating
staff have engaged in self-evaluative practices such as reflective logs and improved
dialogue with colleagues to identify areas for improvement and enhancement. They
have developed skills in proposing improvement and enhancement to current
practices. These proposals have included: improvements to staff career review,
carried out in collaboration with the college human resource team; enhancements to
the college timetabling systems; and the annual staff conference. The impact of the
work of this group is clear as the college has implemented all of these proposals.
This group and its individual members have become influential in taking forward the
quality improvement and enhancement agenda in the college.