Experiences and Outcomes ‘Jacques a dit’ game French version of Simon Says.

Modern Languages
Second Level
‘Jacques a dit’ game
Significant Aspects—Talking and Listening
Video: Jacques a dit
Experiences and
I can listen to and show
understanding of familiar
instructions and language from
familiar voices and sources.
MLAN 2-01c
I can participate in familiar
collaborative activities including
games, paired speaking and short
role plays.
MLAN 2-05b
Learning Intention
To show my understanding of
familiar French vocabulary.
Outline of activity
French version of Simon Says.
E.g. “Jacques a dit touchez la bouche. Touchez
les épaules." etc.
The purpose of this activity is to assess pupils’
ability to listen and follow instructions, focussing
on body parts.
Video evidence allows the teacher to observe
and reflect on which children are listening and
following instructions independently and which
are looking to others for clues to meaning.
Success Criteria
I can understand key words.
I can show my understanding
clearly by following
instructions when playing a
Pupil voice
Learning Statements
“We remember our vocabulary relating to body
“We are listening carefully to ‘Jacques’ for the
phrase “’Jacques a dit…’.”
“We are showing our understanding of the instruction by doing or not doing the action.”
“My favourite game was Jacques a dit because I
really had to think about the instructions. It was
fun and it helped me at the same time.”
Learners can understand the
modern language used in a variety
of ways, including for example
songs and rhymes, classroom
instructions, games, video clips
and presentations by one of their
Learners can demonstrate
understanding in a variety of
ways such as mime, following
instructions or completing an
information grid.
Teacher Voice
This activity was extended for an able pupil
by giving her the opportunity to lead the
learning by giving commands and monitoring
the responses of her peers. This allowed the
class teacher to film the activity to analyse
From watching the clip it is evident that some
pupils can show their understanding clearly
by following the instructions quickly, accurately and independently, without looking at
the actions of others. From this, pupils who
needed to re-visit body part vocabulary were