Experiences and Outcomes Telephone Conversations

Modern Languages
Second Level
Telephone Conversations
Significant Aspect—Talking & Listening
Teacher voice
The pupils are able to confidently and naturally role
play a phone conversation, asking questions and
responding with appropriate personal information.
Skill is shown as the children were encouraged to
ask questions in an unspecified order, therefore requiring their partner to listen carefully in order to
respond; the conversations are not ‘learned off by
Experiences and
When listening and talking with
others, I am developing an
awareness of when to listen and
when to talk. I am learning new
words which I use to share
information about myself and
MLAN 2-03a
I can participate in familiar
collaborative activities including
games, paired speaking and short
role plays.
MLAN 2-05b
Video: Conversation 1
What skills were we demonstrating here?
“Natural conversation – both were really listening
for the questions.”
“Sharing personal information.”
“Both had good French accents.”
“My next steps are to make sure I am completely
confident with my answers in French and to get
the pronunciation right in order to speak more
fluently. I also want to make my conversations
more advanced.”
Learning Intention
To be able to answer questions
appropriately to show my
understanding of French.
Success Criteria
Assessment Evidence
Learner Conversations / Pupil Voice
I can ask questions to find out
information about someone.
I can answer questions
appropriately to share
information about myself.
Learning Statements
 Learners can respond
appropriately to questions in a
conversation or role play situation,
where the interlocutor uses mainly
familiar vocabulary and phrases.
Outline of activities
Sharing of personal information,
using a phone call as the context.
Assessment Evidence
Video: Conversation 2