The Voice of Leadership Through Personal Excellence Thursday, June 26, 2003

The Support Staff Professional Development Committee Presents PART II:
The Voice of Leadership
Through Personal Excellence
Roberta Goheen
Synthesis Management Group
Thursday, June 26, 2003
1:30 – 3:30 PM
South Atrium, Brighton Campus
(1st floor, Building 11 – by vending machines)
(You don’t need to have attended Part 1
in order to benefit from this valuable program!)
Successful leaders are moving themselves and their organizations forward by focusing on
their own personal excellence in every aspect of their day. The ability to do get things done
comes through the grounded commitment to create relationships that thrive and the ability
to have “the conversation” that needs to be had in order to move ideas and initiatives
In this time of great transition and change the call for leadership through personal
excellence is even more imperative than ever.
This interactive session will provide a leadership forum to define:
The core communication attributes of leadership regardless of position.
The art of listening.
The elements to having the conversations that need to be had.
The importance of having “the conversation” that creates impact and forward
Outcomes/by the end of this session, one will:
Focus on the key conversations that create the right forward momentum for yourself
and the institution.
 Understand the art of the conversation and the importance of having the right
conversation at the right time.
 Skills to create the kind of relationships and partnerships that move everyone
 Techniques to develop yourself to have the key conversations that make a difference.
DCC Employees: Transportation is available.
Please inquire when you RSVP.
RSVP to Jody Torcello at by Friday, June 20