inputting vocabulary and grammar into g, d, f, c

1. Let the students play with what they already know for the first couple of weeks.
2. When the students submit their reconstruction of their conversations you can see if there are any
widespread grammatical issues, or vocabulary then teach this to the whole class when you give the
books back.
3. When the students get their books back, let them compare with another student to see what the
answers were.
Grammar / Vocabulary (Prescribed)
4. The grammar focus and vocabulary can now start at this point. This is called the L + 1. Students
would have wanted to have written down what they heard, but didn’t know how to correctly
write it, so…
Grammar / Vocabulary (Creative)
Get the students to look at all the noun phrases – how are they structured / where are they
commonly found?
How could the conversations be improved? At what point in the conversation? Get the students
to expand the sentences – How? Where? What does this do to the conversation?
Get students to take out all of the adjectives, verbs, adverbs, or nouns. What are some synonyms
that students could use – you could get the students to check in a thesaurus, or give them the
target vocabulary.
5. Get students to practise the new conversations in rotations, then get the model students to repeat
them while the rest of the class write down the new conversation in note-form, then write it back
up for homework.