Experiences and Outcomes Comprehension

Modern Languages
Second Level
Significant Aspects—Taking and Listening
Experiences and
I can listen to and show
understanding of familiar
instructions and language from
familiar voices and sources.
MLAN 2-01c
Learning Intention
To show my understanding of
familiar French vocabulary
within a longer spoken text.
Success Criteria
I can select key words.
I can use my knowledge of
other words to guess at
unknown words in order to
I can show my understanding
clearly (through drawings)
Learning Statements
Pupil voice
“I found this much easier the second time because I
knew more of the new and extra words.”
“I would like to focus on rooms in the house and
furniture as my next steps.”
Learners can demonstrate their
understanding in a variety of
ways such as mime, following
instructions or completing an
information grid.
Learners understand basic
familiar vocabulary related to
personal information and themes of
interest to them. Where there are
unknown, extraneous words such
as extra adjectives or adverbs they
can still understand the basic
meaning of the phrase or
Teacher Voice
A short passage was read out to pupils, using
actions to support where appropriate. Pupils were
asked to draw and label in English to show their
This task helped to identify which pupils were able
to listen for specific information, e.g. Colours,
names and the location of objects.
Some pupils needed multiple repetitions of
information in order to understand. Challenge can
be provided for more able pupils by asking them
to listen to authentic French recordings which are