Name: Per: Instructions: Decide whether you agree or disagree with the following...

Joy Luck Club: Philosophical Chairs
Instructions: Decide whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Remember, this is a personal
response. Don’t create a response based upon, “Well, one person in the world would or wouldn’t do that SO…”
Figure out how YOU FEEL about the issue. This is about YOUR philosophy.
1. It is very difficult to translate concepts, feelings, and ideas from one culture to another.
2. An incomplete knowledge of language creates barriers between people.
3. Translation is an inaccurate and troublesome way to communicate.
4. Storytelling helps us to understand cultures and individuals more deeply.
5. Stories allow us to create a legacy and history for ourselves and families.
6. It is hard to reconcile or put together one’s various identities. For example, having Chinese heritage but being
a part of American society.
We have control over our destinies.
8. Sexism is a problem that still exists in many cultures, American and beyond.
9. Love is worth sacrificing everything for.