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Student Names:_________________________________________________________
PBL Challenge
Student Role: Mayor
You have just been elected mayor of your town, Noelectricityville, and the
people are demanding electricity for their homes. You made a promise to them
during your campaign to build an electrical grid, so people could have
electricity. Your electrical team has been given batteries, wires, light bulbs, a
switch, and some insulators and conductors of electricity to start building your
town’s grid. However, the townspeople have asked you to give them diagrams
and research notes of what you are planning to do before you start building.
Remember, your supplies are all paid with tax dollars from the people who
elected you. They will not be happy if you have a poor plan, so make sure your
research is accurate on how to build circuits into the homes of your citizens.
Authors: Cary Gill & Pat Washington
Saturday, September 7, 2013 10:14:05 AM ET