City Government

City Government
-Methods of Rule
a) Cities get authority to rule & charter from the ____________________
b) States give cities the right to home rule (=__________________________________
-Forms of city government
1) ______________________________________________________________
City council =__________________________
Mayor = ________________________________________________
City is divided into __________ (districts) and then members of the ward elect
someone to represent them in city council OR several council members are
elected by ________________
City council has more power than the _____________
Developed because ________________________________________________
2) __________________________________________________________________
Mayor is the city’s chief executive officer & has primary responsibility for running
the city’s government
City is governed by a commission that usually consists of 3-9 elected officials
(called ___________________________________)
Commission acts as the city’s legislative body (passing laws for the community)
and the city’s executive body (________________________________________
4) _____________________________________________________________
Voters elect a _________________________ (city’s lawmaking body)
Council appoints _______________________ (city’s chief executive)
City manager appoints ____________________________________
Heads of city departments
Name: ______________________________________
Classwork: City Governments
Read pages 234-237 of Civics in Practice and think about your class notes. Then
answer the questions that follow.
Part I
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type of city government by
completing the chart below.
Type of City Government
Mayor-Council (Weak
Mayor-Council (Strong
Part II Imagine that you are part of a committee establishing a new city. Write a speech
explaining which of the four plans you believe is the most effective form of city
government and why.