Word - Westar Energy

Elementary Scavenger Hunt
Name _________________________
Westar Energy burns coal to make energy. After it is burned, they recycle the ash for several
other uses…..can you name 2? ______________ and ____________
Construction – bricks, embankments, roads, and stabilizer for soft soil; As an ingredient – floor,
ceiling tiles, siding, roofing, decking, doors, and shower stalls; recreational – bowling balls,
flotation devices, running tracks, park benches, and art supplies; transportation – auto bodies,
boat hulls, sign posts, and railroad ties.
If the transformer did not reduce the voltage and increase the current , it would be like drinking
water from a fire hose!
3) The Education Station uses switches in 2 different ways. A closed switch keeps the power
Circuit Breaker
4) What part of the station would help in a lighting strike? Circuit Breakers
People and the Power Grid
__________________ & ____________________ are two of the career choices you might have
if you worked for Westar.
Engineer – keeps electricity flowing to all areas of power grid
Power Plant Technician –makes sure enough electricity is being made and equipment is
running properly.
Mechanic & Control Technician – Maintain electrical equipment and make sure
electricity flows safely.
Line Worker – installs and maintains transmission and distribution lines and repairs
power lines.
Administration/Management – Organize and plan to help keep grid running, manage
finances, and provide information technology and customer service.