La Quinta High School Course Syllabus and Outline Algebra 2/Trig

La Quinta High School
Course Syllabus and Outline
Course Title: Algebra 2/Trig
Teacher: M. Conlay
Email: [email protected]
The purpose of this course is to ready you for a future in Advanced Placement Mathematics courses. This is a
challenging course. It will cover all topics seen in a regular Algebra 2 course, but to a significant depth and at a
quick pace. Additionally, we will cover many topics in Trigonometry.
 Regular Attendance in Class
 Students Should Bring the Following Supplies DAILY:
o Textbook
o Pencils, Pens, and Paper
o A scientific calculator is fine, but you may consider a TI-83, TI-84, or other calculator accepted by
the College Board if you plan on taking AP math classes in the future.
 No late work Accepted with the exception of make up work
Formative assessments (quizzes) and summative assessments (tests) will be given, along with benchmark exams
and a final exam. A suggested study guide to review for these exams would consist of your notes, classwork, and
assignments for that unit.
The overall semester grade will be broken down as follows:
Quizzes: Typically one or two per chapter. These will vary in points, but will typically be between 10-50 points.
Tests: Tests will be typically be given at the end of each chapter. They may, however, include material from
previous chapters. They will also include problems from that chapter’s assignments. Tests will be 100 points.
Final Exam: There will be a Final at the end of each semester. It will be worth 200 points and cover material from
the entire semester.
Assignments: You will be given practice assignments almost every day. You are expected to begin these in class,
time permitted, and complete them at home. We will spend a significant amount of time each day going through
problems from the previous day. Usually, assignments will NOT be collected. However, up to 1/3 of a test may
include problems directly from the assignments from that chapter.
90% and higher
80% – 89%
70% – 79%
60% – 69%
59% and lower
You are required to have this syllabus signed by FRIDAY.
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To see a schedule of upcoming assignments, tests, etc., please visit my page on the school website.