Registering for the ACT

Registering for the ACT
What is the ACT?
• The ACT is a form of college entrance exam that allows
college admissions judges to evaluate your readiness
for college and your current level of knowledge as it is
related to the courses you have taken. It is an
important test that many colleges require as a part of
their admission requirements.
• The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English,
mathematics, reading, and science.
• The Writing Test, measures skill in planning and writing
a short essay.
Benefits of the ACT
• The ACT can benefit you in several ways. For
instance, a good score could bring you one
step closer to the college you have always
wanted to attend. You are also being tested on
what you actually know rather than your
ability to take a test. So, where the SAT tests
for reasoning skills, the questions on the ACT
are meant to test what you know.
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