1-07 ICS2O3C - Warriors of the Net

ICS2O Grade 10 Introduction to Computer Studies
Class Handout
Understanding Data Travel
After viewing the “Warriors of the Net” video, answer the following questions:
1. What is a TCP-IP Packet?
2. What is on each packets label?
3. What does LAN stand for?
4. What does the local router and router switch do with the packets it
5. What does the proxy server check?
6. Do you think the Limestone Board of Education has a proxy server?
What would it block?
7. What does a firewall do? (2 things)
8. What happens when a packet is involved in a collision?
9. How might a packet travel over the Internet on the way to its
10.What is a firewall port?
11.What ports were used by the firewall in the video and what type of
data traffic passed through these ports?