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Faculty Action Sheet
At the fifth regular meeting of the 2015-2016 academic year on February 24, 2016 (Alumnae House), the
following action was taken by the Smith College faculty:
I. The faculty voted to approve the December 9, 2015 meeting minutes.
II. The following addition to the Faculty Code was recommended by Faculty Council and approved by
the faculty:
Section 62. Grades:
b. Conflict of interest in grading
III. The following items were recommended by the Committee on Academic Priorities and approved
by the faculty:
New permanent courses:
1. ARH 207 Translating New Worlds
2. EAS 236 Beyond the Rogue Nation: The Real North Korea
3. EGR 360 Advanced Thermodynamics
4. ENG 223 Contemporary American Gothic Literature
5. ENG 229 Turning Novels into Films: Imperialism, Race, Class, Gender and Cinematic
6. FYS 127 Tierra y Vida: Land and the Ecological Imagination in U.S. Latino/a Literature
7. FYS 125 The Examined Life
8. FYS 143 The Secret Worlds of Fiddler on the Roof
9. PSY 227 Brain, Behavior and Emotion
10. SOC 400 Special Studies
11. SWG 200 The Queer 90’s
New permanent dual-prefixed course:
1. ENG/SWG 320 The Politics and Prose of Indigenous Feminism
New permanent topics:
1. ARH 280 Art Historical Studies (C). Topic: Virtual Ancient Worlds
2. CLT 100 Introduction to Comparative Literature: The Pleasures of Reading. Topic:
Cannibals, Witches, and Virgins
3. FRN 251 The French Media, Now and Then. Topic: French Islam and French Muslims
New permanent topics course and topic:
1. ENG 245 Worldbuilding: Topics in Reading and Writing Creative Fiction. Topic: The
Landscapes and Cityscapes of Creative Fiction
Curricular items:
1. Conversion of the Biomathematics Concentration to the Five College Certificate
Program in Biomathematical Sciences.
2. Changes to the Five College Film Studies Name and Major Requirements.
3. Changes to the Major Requirements for the Biology and Education Track.
4. Additional requirement in French Studies Major: one course on literature or culture
before 1900.
5. EDC 333 change from 3 credits to 4 credits (typo in original proposal) and add Latin
Honors designation {S}
Respectfully submitted,
Fraser Stables
Secretary of the Faculty
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