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Secretary to the Faculty
Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts 01063
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Faculty Action Sheet
At the seventh regular meeting of the 2014-2015 academic year on March 25, 2015 (Conference
Room, Alumnae House), the following actions were taken by the Smith College faculty:
I. The faculty unanimously approved the February 25, 2015 faculty meeting minutes.
II. The following items were recommended by the Committee on Academic Priorities and
unanimously approved by the faculty:
A. New Permanent Courses:
1. EAL 131 Writing and Power in China
2. EAL 234 Self and Society in Chinese Fiction and Drama
3. EAL 235 Class, Gender, and Material Culture in Late Imperial China
4. ENV 220 Colloquium: Natural Resource Management and Environmental
5. FRN 264 Encountering Others in Ancien Régime France
6. FYS 127 Cuba and the U.S. Embargo
7. FYS 134 Bookmarks: Reading and Writing from Plato to the Digital Age
8. FYS 168 Damaged Gods: Myth and Religion of the Vikings
9. HST 240 Colloquium: Stalin and Stalinism
10. SWG 203 Queer of Color Critique
11. SWG 318 Seminar: Women Against Empire
12. THE 360 Production Design for Film
B. New Topics Courses and Topics:
1. CLT 177 Journeys in World Literature: Topic—Epic Worlds
2. FRN 251 The French Media, Now and Then: Topic—The French Press
C. Curricular Changes:
1. Creation of the Five College Certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights and
2. Changes in ENG Major requirements (see “green sheet”)
3. Changes to the CLT major requirements to reduce the number of additional
courses with a primary listing or cross-listed in comparative literature from two to
4. Change SWG 101 from a 1 credit course meeting half the semester to a 2 credit
course meeting for the whole semester.
5. ANT 258 and MUS 258 Performing Culture to become a dual prefixed course
6. REL 335 Seminar: Christianity and Culture Topic−The Russian Icon to
become a dual prefix course REL/RES 242 The Russian Icon: Culture, Politics
and the Sacred
III. The faculty approved a motion, with 7 opposed and 13 abstentions, to change section
25.b. of the Faculty Code to make the Associate Provost co‐chair of the Committee on
Educational Technology, rather than one of the elected faculty members.
IV. The faculty approved, with 2 opposed and no abstentions, a motion to change section
31.b. of the Faculty Code (committee assignments of Faculty Council) to reflect the shift
of one member of Council from the Committee on Mission and Priorities to the
Committee on Educational Technology—with the further stipulation that the Chair of
Faculty Council, currently without a separate committee assignment, will in the future
serve on the Committee on Mission and Priorities.
Respectfully submitted,
Carrie N. Baker
Secretary of the Faculty
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