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Faculty Action Sheet
At the seventh regular meeting of the 2011-2012 academic year on March 28, 2012 (Conference Room,
Alumnae House), the following actions were taken by the Smith College faculty:
I. The faculty voted to approve the February 29, 2012 meeting minutes.
II. The faculty voted to approve changes to sections 24, 32, and 42 of the Faculty Code as proposed by
Faculty Council.
III. The faculty voted to table the changes to sections 43, 44, and 45 of the Faculty Code as proposed
by Faculty Council.
IV. The following items were recommended by the Committee on Academic Priorities and approved
by the faculty
A. Curricular items as listed on the CAP document
1. First Year Seminars as Permanent Offerings
FYS 105 Jerusalem
FYS 106 Growing Up Asian American
FYS 107 Women of the Odyssey
FYS 108 Curry: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Empire
FYS 109 Exobiology: Origins of Life and the Search for Life in the Universe
2. New Course as Permanent Offering
REL 280 South Asian Visual Culture
3. New Topics as Permanent Offerings
ARH 101 Approaches to Visual Representation (C)
A Global History of Color
ARH 260 Art Historical Studies (C)
Cross-Cultural Encounters in Islamic Art
ARH 291 Topics in Art History (C)
From Eyes to I: The Art of Portraiture
FRN 230 Colloquia in French Studies
French Islam
4. Curricular Changes
Requests from Engineering
Changes to the requirements for the B.S. in Engineering Science
Changes to the Engineering capstone design experience:
Reduction of credits for EGR 410D from 4 credits to 1 credit per
Change in course description and prerequisites for EGR 410D
Creation of pathways in Honors
Requests from Classical Languages and Literature
Changes to the major in Greek, Latin, or Classics
Changes to the major in Classical Studies
Changes to the minors in Greek, Latin, and Classics
Changes in credit for Computer Science laboratory courses from 4 to 5 credits for
CSC 111, CSC 212, CSC 262, and CSC 270
Change in dual prefix course from JUD 258/ENG 230 American Jewish Literature to
CLT 231/ENG 230 American Jewish Literature
IDP 320 Seminar on Global Learning: Women’s Health of Tibetan Refugees and
Indian Women in India from experimental to permanent offering
Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth R. Jamieson
Secretary of the Faculty
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