Acknowledgments Goods from the East

Goods from the East arises from a European Research Council Advanced Researcher
Fellowship for Maxine Berg, ‘Europe’s Asian Centuries: Trading Eurasia 1600-1800.’ We are
grateful to the European Research Council for funding. The volume is based on a
conference, ‘Goods from the East: Trading Eurasia 1600-1830’ held in the Palazzo Papafava,
Warwick in Venice 11-13 January, 2013. Most of the chapters were first presented at this
conference. We are grateful to Anna Boneham, our administrator at the time who did much
of the conference organization, to Jiao Liu, our administrator who followed, and to Rebecca
Williams who helped at the end as an editorial assistant. Helen Clifford, museum consultant
on the project, has been a guiding force in keeping a group of editors on track, in doing the
vital picture research and permissions, and especially in detailed editorial work on a number
of over-length chapters and a number written by non-native English speakers. She has given
grace to the occasional inelegant phrase and streamlined detail to argument. She has been
a vital unnamed editor of the volume.
Maxine Berg
With Felicia Gottmann, Hanna Hodacs and Chris Nierstrasz
2nd July, 2014