Extra Credit 8 (10 pts):

Extra Credit 8 (10 pts):
For this extra credit I want you to write an outline or study guide of the chapters that
we have covered in class. (Chapters 2,3,4,5 and 7). You are only required to include
material that you don’t already have mastered or that you still feel uneasy about, but
feel free to include more if desired. Be somewhat detailed. For example don’t just write
the ”product rule”, instead actually state what the product rule is:
Product rule: [f (x)g(x)]0 = f 0 (x)g(x) + g 0 (x)f (x).
If there are any problems you do on your own as practice, include them as examples in
the appropriate section of your outline. This will be collected in class on the day of the
final exam.