Wednesday, September 30 th

, 2015, 2:00 PM

Members Present:

Dr. Andy Osborne

Professor Beth Pye

Dr. Qi Zhou

Dr. Joe Eyles

Nursing & Allied Health Sciences Building, Room 120

Dr. Max Burns

Dr. Jeffery Knighton

Dr. Dennis Chamberlain

Ms. Kristen Albritton

Dr. Adam Davis, Chair

Dr. Becky Godlasky, Recorder

Professor Teresa Betkowski

Ms. Rhonda Toon

Ms. Sallie Nowell, SGA

Members Absent:

Professor Stephen Agyare

Welcome & Call to Order:

Dr. Adam Davis called the meeting to order at 2:04 p.m.

Reading and Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Dr. Joe Eyles moved to approve the minutes.

Dr. Becky Godlasky

Professor Beth Pye seconded the motion.

The Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Review of Committee Mission:



: The Planning Committee shall be an active partner with the administration for the

purpose of planning physical, fiscal, or non-academic program changes for the College and the integration of plans with accreditation agencies




: The Committee shall: assist the administrative division of the College with the development of guidelines, criteria, and procedures for program, fiscal, and physical planning, and the institutional strategic plan and master plan; assign facilities and the allocation of resources; develop annual budgets; and establish priorities in capital construction and campus maintenance. [

Bylaws of the Gordon State College Faculty Senate

, Article VI, Section 2,


Professor Betkowski announced that the “Evidence of Improvement/Closing-the-Loop” link has been added to the Annual Plans 2014-2015 on the website.



The “Evidence of Improvement/Closing of the Loop” of the Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15)

Plan was added to the Annual Plans 2014-2015 on the website and reviewed by the committee members.


Dr. Osborne moved to approve the “closing the loop” documents.



Professor Pye seconded the motion.

Professor Betkowski announced that the units are in the midst of training, and moving forward the new format will be easier for them to look at and easier for the committee to review. As soon as all members of the units have been trained, committee members will be trained.


The motion approved by unanimous vote.


Discussion of Key Events dates. The events and their relative dates are listed below:

FY16-Related Key Dates

Late November/Early December 2015

Early to Mid-April 2016

Planning Committee to review the Fall Status

Report of the FY16 Plan

Planning Committee to review Spring Status

Report of FY16 Plan. This should be made available to the Planning Committee by mid- to late March of 2016. This will conclude the official duties of the Planning Committee for this academic year.

FY17-Related Key Dates

November 1, 2015

December 15, 2015

February 1, 2016

February 15, 2016

Unit annual plans for FY17 Plan will be submitted by Head of each department to their respective Cabinet officers.

The cabinet (consisting of the President,

VPAA/Provost, VPFA, VPSA, and VPIA) will deliver the completed Preliminary FY17 Plan to the Chair of the Planning Committee. At this time, the Chair will distribute the components of the FY17 Plan to the faculty Planning

Committee members for review. The reviews will be due to the Chair of the Planning

Committee by the end of January 2016 (Exact date is not yet known).

The Chair of the Planning Committee will submit the Reviews on the FY17 Plan to the

Cabinet. This will also be the deadline for the faculty of the Planning Committee to review and make any final remarks on the Plan.

The Planning Committee and Cabinet will finalize the FY17 Plan. Shortly thereafter, the

Cabinet will submit the FY17 Plan to the

Budget Committee.


Dr. Knighton asked about changing the due date to November 20 th

for the FY17

Plans. Professor Betkowski understood the need for more time for the Units and thought November 15 th

would work.


Professor Betkowski displayed an example of a Unit Plan and explained the components and the process to familiarize committee members with these documents prior to reviewing the components of the FY17 Plan.


Dr. Davis announced that he will send out a list of plans for members to identify which unit plans they wish to review (~6-7 plans per person). This action will also sign


members up for the same units for both status and annual plans.

Dr. Davis displayed the checksheet used from last year and asked for feedback/recommendations for revisions on these sheets.

Next Meeting Date (Tentative):

November 30, 2015


Dr. Osborne made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:17.

Dr. Eyles seconded the motion.

The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Becky Godlasky

Recorder, Planning Committee