We thank Teri Cholar, Michael Dove, and Robert Brandewie of the
Defense Manpower Data Center for providing the data file used in
our analysis. We appreciate the insightful reviews provided by RAND
colleague Carole Roan Gresenz and Professor John Warner of Clemson University, and we acknowledge our debt to RAND’s Michael
Mattock and Stan Panis on issues concerning model estimation. We
thank CMDR Kevin Harkins, Office of Compensation, OSD(P&R), for
advice regarding deployment pays. Our project sponsor, Dr. Curtis
Gilroy, Director of Office of Special Projects and Research, OSD
(P&R), offered helpful comments at several stages of this research
and was steadfast in his support of the project. We benefited from
the opportunity to present this research at a conference on personnel tempo and readiness, convened in October 2001 at the request of
Dr. David Chu, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. We are grateful to Susan Everingham, Director of NDRI’s
Forces and Resources Policy Center at RAND, for her support and
commitment to the project’s completion.