- Many people made valuable contributions to this report. Technical... report were provided by Frank Camm at RAND, Howard Gruenspecht...

Many people made valuable contributions to this report. Technical reviews of the draft
report were provided by Frank Camm at RAND, Howard Gruenspecht at Resources for the
Future, and Tim Lipman at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab, UC Berkeley. We thank
them for their detailed, insightful comments, which led to the report being improved
Steve Albu, Paul Hughes, Mike McCarthy, and Chuck Shulock at the California Air
Resources Board (CARB) provided very thoughtful feedback on the draft report. Cynthia Marvin
and Andrew Panson at CARB and Laki Tisopulos at the South Coast Air Quality Management
District provided documentation and interpretation of recent amendments to the State
Implementation Plan for Ozone. Alec Brooks and Tom Gage at AC Propulsion, David Friedman
at Natural Resources Defense Council, Karl-Heinz Hauer at Xcellvision (in Wolfsburg,
Germany), and Ben Knight at Honda helped us find and interpret information on battery and fuelcell technologies.
Within RAND, Jim Bartis helped us develop estimates of electricity and hydrogen costs
and provided useful comments on an interim draft. Paulette Middleton explored issues that
underlie the vehicle emissions estimates, and Mark Bernstein helped frame the issues. Steve
Rattien, director of RAND’s Science and Technology Unit, provided helpful feedback during the
project. Debra Knopman managed the review process and made valuable suggestions for
improving the report. The document was edited by Jeri O’Donnell and corrected and formatted
by Pat Williams and Joanna Nelsen. We thank them all for their contributions.