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 ‘ M Y L A N D M A R K 我的 地标 ’
2 0 1 5 C H I N A / UK Y E A R O F C U L T U R A L E X C H A N G E
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to take part in a visual exchange between Chinese and UK based students. All submitted images will be featured in a series of exhibitions in British and Shanghai Universities during 2015.
Express in an image and caption what the word "Landmark" conjures in your imagination. How does this word speak to you? Where does it take you? How does it make you feel? Where, or what, or whom, is a landmark to you and how would you communicate it to a student in China. It might be a physical space or object, it might be a person, or it might be something more abstract, a sense, a feeling, a dream that captures the essence of the word landmark for you. We want to share with people in China what this word means to you, where it draws you, and how it inspires you. Beyond border and cliche. SUBMISSION
Please send jpegs between 3-­‐5mb and a word document to
! Title images with your name (e.g.. Brad_Jones.jpg)
! In a Word document write a few words or a sentence to accompany the image. ! Please include your name, university and email address.
DEADLINE 31st March PARTICIPANTS ! Liz Hingley, artist and project curator ! The British Cultural Centre at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China ! Loughborough University, UK ! UCL, UK ! Liverpool John Moores University, UK ! University of Oxford, UK