INDA’s Nonwoven
Training Course
May 5-6, 2015
INDA Headquarters
Cary, North Carolina
This training course is designed for industry professionals who desire to learn more
about the development, testing and application of nonwovens in filtration.
Instructor: Dr. Christine Sun, the Principal of TRA is a globally recognized technical and
market expert in nonwovens and filtration industry. She was the technology director of liquid
filtration at Donaldson from 2011-2013, and R&D manager at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies from 2004-2011. With extensive experience from both industrial and academic
services, Dr. Sun has broad and in-depth knowledge as well as hands-on experiences in the
areas of advanced nonwovens, nanofibers and filtration technologies.
Who should attend?
Topics Include:
Product Development Engineers
Marketing and Product Managers
Technical Sales
Technical Support
Testing and Quality
General Management
Principles of Filtration
Nonwovens and Filtration
Filtration – Market Statistics and Opportunity
Air Filtration
Liquid Filtration

FILTER MEDIA INDA’s Nonwoven Training Course