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Issue 2 | August 2011
Meet your vivaNext team
It takes a team of skilled professionals to build a great rapid transit system. And
that’s precisely what you have with the vivaNext team – a group of dedicated people
who will make every effort to deliver the project on time, and on budget.
Under their supervision, York Region will have a rapid transit system that is truly
world class. Not only will it relieve traffic congestion and manage future growth, it
will feature more pedestrian-friendly green spaces. All this, while causing minimal
disruption to those of you who live and work in the area.
You have our word
“I pledge to deliver the next
phase of a modern, state-ofthe-art rapid transit system in
York Region. Taking Viva out
of mixed traffic and into its
own lane will truly put “rapid”
into our rapid transit system.”
How to reach
your Community Liaison
Nimisha Raja
VivaNext Community Liaison
Tel: 905.886.6767 Ext 1023
Cell: 416.712.8938
Email: [email protected]
How to sign up
for email updates
1. Visit
2. Click on ‘Sign up for
Updates’ from the
drop-down menu
3. Provide your contact info
4. Select the ‘Highway 7
- Markham’ box and any
others of interest
5. Click on ‘Send’
Mary-Frances Turner | President
“I pledge to make sure the project
will be completed on time.
Construction will be carefully
planned to avoid delays and
reduce impacts. I’ll also make
sure you continue to have access
to public transit and businesses along Highway
7 throughout construction.”
Tim Shepherd | Project Manager
“I pledge to minimize disruption
during construction of the
project and keep the same
number of traffic lanes open,
whenever possible. I’ll
schedule paving overnight,
keep noise levels to a minimum and maintain
safe pedestrian access.”
“I pledge to be available in person
and in writing to guide you through
our construction activities with the
practical information you need. I’ll
keep everyone up-to-date, through
printed and electronic media. I’ll
respond to phone calls and emails quickly. Your
questions and concerns are important to me.”
Jay Wong | Construction Manager
Nimisha Raja | Community Liaison
“I pledge to create a greener,
more beautiful place to live,
work and play. Fifty percent
more trees will be added
along Highway 7. My goal is
to bring you a safe, accessible
and pedestrian-friendly street.”
“I pledge to minimize disruption
to local plants and animals,
and their habitats. I will work
hard to mitigate potential
construction effects on
vegetation, fish and wildlife.”
Judson Venier | Biologist
Darlene Broderick | Landscape Architect
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We’re on our way
The vivaNext Highway 7 rapidway project is well underway. By 2014, York Region will have a new, state-of-the-art
rapid transit system we can all be proud of. The project has been divided into five main construction stages, the first
of which has just been completed. Here’s the current status of activities:
Stage 1, all done
In February 2011, temporary traffic signals were installed
between Bayview Avenue and Lunar Crescent. We followed this
with the removal and paving over of centre medians during April
and May. Utilities were also relocated and mid-block lighting
was added. In keeping with our commitment, we completed
Stage 1 while minimizing disruption, whenever possible. This
is something we intend to honour, throughout the project.
Stages 2, 3, 4 and more
Now that Stage 1 is done, we’ve begun shifting traffic for the
remaining stages of construction. This involves realigning
some of the lanes, and marking them accordingly. We’ve
also begun road widening and boulevard work, from east of
Bayview Avenue to just west of Highway 404. This work includes
removing sidewalks and replacing them with attractive
pedestrian-friendly boulevards. By late August, the residents
of Richmond Hill will have a new watermain and drainage
system. Towards the fall, dedicated left-turn signals will be
introduced to drivers.
Lots of ways to stay informed
Knowing what to expect can certainly
help make the entire construction
process a whole lot easier.
We encourage you to sign
up for e-updates, read
our regular project
newsletters, visit our
Project Information
Centre on Highway 7
at South Park Road or
check out
Portable electronic signs keep you in the know
printed on post-consumer recycled paper
Respect for the environment
We have also committed to showing respect for the local
environment. So, while we had to remove some trees for road
widening, many were either transplanted or protected with
barriers. And our plans include additional tree planting. In fact,
by project completion, this segment will have 50% more trees
than it had before.
Follow us on twitter. Find us on facebook.
Read our blog. Go to
Regularly updated portable electronic signs will also help keep
you informed of construction activities and provide real travel
time along the corridor. You’ll find them
along Highway 7, between Bayview Avenue
and Warden Avenue at major intersections.
For more detailed information,
you can visit our website and
follow us on Twitter. And as
always, our vivaNext Community
Liaison, Nimisha Raja is available to answer your specific
questions and concerns, at 905 886-6767 ext. 1023.

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