AIM: Economic Principle #7 Future Consequences

AIM: Economic Principle #7
Future Consequences Count
DO NOW: Using your notes and your text book
create a list of words that you think are the
most important vocabulary words you have,
thus far, learned in Economics.
Future Consequences Count
• Land here is cheap.
• Nice scenery
• On the side of the only road that leads to Bigg City, so
all traffic must take this road.
**** Does not think of the future ! ! !
Future Consequences Count
• Asks: Will the old road always be
• Learns that a new highway is
planned - 2 years - takes all old
road’s traffic !!
Future Consequences Count
Sometimes, however their can be the law of
unintended consequences.
- The actions of governments and people sometimes
have results that are not expected
The area right off the highway grows quickly. Unexpectedly,
The restaurant has no way to expand at its present
1. Go to page 11 in your text book.
2. Look over the map, pictures and
captions on this page.
3. On a fresh piece of paper, give a brief
description of how each of the Seven
Economic Principles come into play on your
This will be collected at the end of class.