NetVanta Unified Communications
Your Winning Choice
for the
Octel Afterlife
Octel® Platform Replacement
Definition of Terms
Octel’s days as a fully supported messaging platform are limited.
As of June 30th, 2011, Avaya® will no longer support the Octel 200/300
platform (also known as the VMX® 200/300) or the Octel 250/350
Unified Messaging: Quickly and effectively retrieve
and manage voice mail, faxes, and email messages,
all from the familiar interface of your email client or
from any telephone. NetVanta UC Server integrates
with Microsoft Outlook®/Exchange Server™, Lotus
Notes®/Domino®, Google® Gmail, and a host of other
email clients with Internet Message Access Protocol
ADTRAN’s award-winning NetVanta® Unified Communications (UC)
Server is the ideal solution for organizations planning for the Octel
afterlife. When migrating from a
legacy Octel platform, NetVanta UC
Server provides organizations with
ADTRAN’s award-winning
a seamless, transparent voice mail
NetVanta Unified Communications
experience, with the added benefit
Server is the ideal solution for
of Unified Communications. All of
organizations planning for the
this is available without the need
Octel® afterlife.
for a PBX forklift upgrade.
ADTRAN’s NetVanta
Unified Communications Server
Leverage your existing phone infrastructure investment and provide your Octel users a transparent voice mail user experience with
ADTRAN’s award-winning NetVanta® Unified Communications (UC)
Server solution. NetVanta UC Server is a software solution designed for
Microsoft Windows® platforms that provides full UC capabilities. This
feature-rich platform offers advanced UC services like unified messaging, voice mail, integrated messaging, fax server, graphical drag-and-drop
service creation, inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
services, personal assistants, one number services, call redirection services, notifications, auto-attendants and mobile support.
Why migrate from your legacy
Octel to NetVanta UC Server?
of June 30th, 2011, Avaya will no longer support your Octel platform.
is becoming increasingly difficult to source Octel replacement parts;
and some components that are necessary to support Octel are no longer being manufactured.
nNetVanta UC Server is platform agnostic with support for all major
PBX vendors.
server consolidation: instead of one Octel server per building,
deploy one centralized server; fewer servers can lower administrative
costs, require less space and reduce costs.
offers similar features and functions to your existing Octel,
including the popular Aria® telephone user interface.
Smart Solutions for a
Connected World.
Fax Server: Desktop faxing is available from any
Windows application supporting a print function. The
built-in fax server provides advanced features such
as DID fax, single number voice and fax number, and
individual “fax on demand” using the multimedia
personal call control capabilities. In addition, the
NetVanta UC Server uses standard TIFF or PDF
ormats so that you can view faxes on any PC.
Text-to-Speech Engine: Text-to-speech conversion
enables you to listen to email messages from any telephone and speak text from your auto-attendants, IVR
applications, or Personal Assistants. Auto-attendant and
Personal Call Control The NetVanta UC Server provides
users the ability to create multiple auto-attendants and
Personal Business Assistants (PBAs) using a drag-anddrop, database-enabled, non-programmatic, graphical
service creation environment. Speech engine is optional.
Auto-attendant and Personal Call Control: Provide
users the ability to create multiple auto-attendants
and Personal Business Assistants (PBAs). These PBAs
integrate with Microsoft Outlook contacts and internal/
external databases, allowing employees to easily configure their own assistants to establish multifaceted
business rules for call screening, call routing, find-me/
follow-me, and call notifications, all depending on the
defined rules like the caller ID, time-of-day/ day-of-week,
and many others. These assistants provide unprecedented accessibility for employees to their customers,
co-workers and partners. Alternatively, the NetVanta UC
Server allows administrators to create and exclusively
assign assistants for each system user.
Administration: Installed in one of two modes—standalone or within Active Directory. When integrated with
Active Directory, the Microsoft Active Directory Users
and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-ins
can be used to administer and manage users. The
NetVanta UC Server allows your IT staff to manage your
business communications services using the same user
accounts and security policies used in your Windows
environment, without any programming or special
integration. Adds, moves, and changes become easy,
and security policies become universal throughout the
company. With single user login, your users will never
have to log into your business communications
system separately.
NetVanta Unified Communications
Your Winning Choice
for the
Octel Afterlife
Your Messaging Investment is Not Merely a Voice Mail
System; it's a Mission-critical Application
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General Information
ADTRAN’s NetVanta Unified Communications Server solution offers you peace of mind
with an award-winning, proven messaging solution that is cost-effective, scalable,
reliable, proven, and with unmatched performance. Additionally, ADTRAN provides investment protection for easy migration to an IP PBX from the vendor of your choice, including
ADTRAN. This capability has the advantage of a smooth, transparent introduction into your
existing environment, providing you what you need today and with the flexibly to migrate to
IP-based solutions at your own pace.
Octel Replacement vs. NetVanta UC Server Solution
Octel Replacement
Scalability 10,000* plus users, 200 ports
Where to Buy
[email protected]
877 280-8416 toll-free
Pre-Sales Technical Support
[email protected]
800 615-1176 Toll Free
NetVanta UC Server Solution
Voice mail Interface
Emulates the Telephone User Interface (TUI) of the most
popular first-generation voice mail systems Octel Aria
Enhanced Functionality
Unified Communications/Unified Messaging, Fax Server,
Database Integration, Active Directory Administration
PBX Support SIP/T1/E1 SMDI/Analog, Multiple PBX's at the same time
Centrex Support Lucent 5ESS, Nortel DMS 100
Migration Path to Migrate from voice mail to SIP-based IP PBX from ADTRAN or
IP Telephony other leading IP PBX vendors
*May require additional server.
PBX Integration
The NetVanta UC Server is capable of supporting voicemail/Unified Communications
on one or more different types of PBXs or Centrex CO switches from most manufacturers. Supported vendors include (but not limited to):
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ADTRAN NetVanta 7060
ADTRAN NetVanta 7100
NeXspan S
Alcatel Omni PCX 4400
Astra M1000, M2000
Nortel CS-1000
Avaya Communications Manager
Nortel DMS 100
Avaya Definity G3
Nortel Meridian 1
Avaya IP Office
Panasonic KX-TES824, KX-TEA308
Avaya Partner
Panasonic KX-TDA30, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TDA600
Avaya Legend
Phillips Sopho
Avaya Merlin Magix
Rolm (Siemens) 8000
Cisco Call Manager
Rolm (Siemens) 9000
Ericsson Business Phone
Rolm (Siemens) 9751
Ericsson MD110
Siemens HiCom 150E
Intercom PointSpan M6880
Siemens HiCom 300
Mitel 3300
Siemens HiPath 4000
Mitel SX-2000
Siemens HiPath 3550
Mitel SX-200 ICP
Shortel IP Telephony System
Mitel SX-200D
Tadiran Coral Flexicom, Coral IPX
NEC Electra Elite

Octel Platform Replacement Definition of Terms