Transport of Hazardous Substances and Equipment

Transport of Hazardous Substances
and Equipment
• Statutory requirements
• Car Insurance – does not cover breaches of
statutory requirements
• Only specified individuals in Life Sciences,
Medical School and the Department of
Chemistry trained in packaging and
transportation are authorised to package and
despatch hazardous substances.
Transport of Biological Materials
• Infectious biological materials must be
classified for transportation into one of
two categories; A and B.
• Separate licences and classifications exist
for biological waste and transport of
non-infectious GM materials, for
example GM plants and seeds.
Authorised Packagers
• At present only the individuals below are authorised
to initiate and approve the transport of biological
materials, including any internal transport within the
• School of Engineering – Joanna Collingwood
• Warwick Medical School – Rob Eason, Ruth Slater,
Catherine Butcher
• School of Life Sciences – Cathy Parry, Lesley HarveySmith, Tim Keam, Ian Portman, Paul Goode
Approved Carriers
TNT - licensed to carry
• category B biological materials within mainland UK.
• biological materials which are being transported on dry
TNT are not licensed to carry category A materials
and materials in other countries.
DGI - The School of Life Sciences use DGI
(Dangerous Goods International) for the
occasional Category A package.
DHL – Used by Chemistry to carry Chemical