Drugs, toxins, and trace evidence

Drugs, toxins, and trace evidence
4. separates the components of a mixture
6. used to specifically identify one substance
10. substances that relieve pain
17. confirms the presence of a questioned substance
21. a drug that is legal but is used in an illegal or inappropriate manner
22. combined effect of substances exceeds sum of individual effect
23. descriptive analysis
1. naturally occurring substances that can change normal thought processes, perceptions
and moods
2. physical evidence found in small amounts at the scene - items too small to make a
physical match, yet large enough to be analyzed
3. analysis using numbers such as measurements
5. do not involve a change in the identity of the substance, such as density and boiling
7. a substance that can cause injury or health problems from contact through contact,
ingestion, or absorption
8. act on the central nervous system to make the user feel better and increase his/her
energy alertness while suppressing appetite and fatigue
9. characterizes the tendency of a substance to transform into another substance
11. toxicity effects occur almost immediately
12. exposure over a long period of time
13. combined effect decreases individual effects
14. stabilizes or prevents the precipitation of damaging compounds
15. a natural or synthetic substance designed to affect the subject psychologically or
16. the amount of a substance that will kill a person
18. the study of radiation and it’s interaction with matter
19. chemical reaction occurs causing a color change
20. a drug that is against the law to have, use, or distribute