Session Open to abstract submission

Session: open to abstract submissions
Translational Research of ATMPs clinical / commercial translation
Chairs: Rui Amandi da Sousa, Vincent Ronfard, Yves Bayon
Regenerative medicine breakthrough ideas and innovations, given to birth by academic
scientists, when carefully evaluated, may have obvious and huge benefit for patients and the
public, by satisfying massive unmet clinical needs, for a still large range of indications where no
therapeutic approaches are really effective, today, in restoring an enjoyable level of quality of
life: neurological (eg. stroke, spinal cord injury), orthopedic (eg. intervertebral disc defects, large
cartilage lesions), cardiovascular (eg. critical limb ischemia, congenital heart disease, myocardial
infarction), endocrine (eg. diabetes), renal (end stage kidney disease), gastrointestinal (eg.
Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), skin (eg. diabetic foot ulcer, venous keg ulcers) indications…
But, the decision to move forward regenerative medicine discoveries into the clinic and to the
market is certainly not an easy one. The path leading to commercialization – from promise to
real delivery, from prototype to useful product. – is indeed challenging, with a number of
obvious hurdles to overcome: eg. creating a business activity, financing, patent filing, regulatory
requirements, flexible manufacturing development, clinical demonstration, partnership /
alliance management… However, meeting and learning from key academia and early stage
companies, sharing their ATMP translation may certainly benefit all attendees, having running,
intending to run or interested in learning more on translation projects.
Actively participating to this session may also give a chance to interact with the audience, a mix
of academia and companies and to establish solid contacts for future relationships. With most
funding sources pressuring and the complexity of the commercialization process of advanced
therapies, there is an obvious need to increase the speed to the market, but without increasing
risk. This may be achieved by pooling know-hows and experiences.
This session, a part of Industry symposium, aims to highlight the translational research efforts or
projects of in-house developed advanced therapies, even at an early stage, managed by
academic and/or academic spin-off companies and to discuss key technical/scientific, legal/IP,
financing, regulatory and clinical advancements and current hurdles paving the road of the early
stage commercialization process.