Idea to Innovation Market Assessment

Form 101: Proposal
Name, PIN
[Maximum 4 pages]
Description of the Technology [Provide a clear description of the invention. Describe the progress
made so far on the development of the technology. Discuss the novelty in the product, process, or
service that is proposed. Discuss the novelty in the product, process, or service that is proposed.]
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Description of the market assessment plan [Please identify, under this heading, the ORS IndustryGovernment Services representative (name and coordinates) involved in the proposal.]
Preliminary commercialization strategy [Discuss the preliminary market indicators, market signs of
interest. Explain how a market study will help inform the future strategy. Also describe the intellectual
property (IP) strategy and positioning that is planned or already in place.]
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Information Sought [Discuss how the market assessment will address relevant aspects of the essential
questions in the grant description. The market assessment may also address such aspects as the size,
value and description of the market, market demand, analysis of the market environment, feasibility
studies, competitive analysis, currently available solutions and substitutes, barriers to entry, product
positioning, distribution channels and relevant value chain activities.]
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Statement of Work [This section should identify the person(s) or organization that will be tasked with
the work of performing the study, and describe their credentials and relevant experience. Give an
overview of the tools that may be used, including (but not limited to) industrial literature reviews, web
searches, surveys of potential users, and tools such as SWOT, PEST, etc. Provide, in the budget
justification, an explanation of the anticipated expenses as well as the proposed statement of work listing
the scope, deliverables and other relevant elements. Attach a copy of the offer of service (or equivalent
if done in-house) and CV of the consultant/person mandated to conduct the study to your proposal (use
the Other Documents page).]
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