REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Meeting of the
Multicultural and Diversity Committee
Of the Academic Senate
• Eureka: 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, CA100 and AT120
• Del Norte: 883 West Washington Boulevard, Room DN 4
• Point Arena: 41341 Harris Ranch Road
Friday, January 21, 2011
11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Members present: Ryan Emenaker, Ana Maria Mease, Justine Shaw, Dana Maher
On phone: George Potamianos, Toby Green, Melody Pope
No members of the public present
1. Call to Order
George Potamianos moved to call the meeting to order and Melody Pope seconded the
2. Introductions and Public Comments: Members of the audience are invited to make
comments regarding any subject appropriate to the Multicultural and Diversity
3. Approve the December 3 and December 17, 2010 Meeting Minutes
(both sets of minutes were unanimously approved)
4. Discussion Items
4.1 Recommendations for the Development of a District ESOL Program
Hire individual with ESOL expertise to write curriculum for up to three classes
(@$2,000 for first course and $1,200 for additional), starting with the most basic
level for credit classes
Credit courses should also have the option of non-credit, so that students could take
the credit-level courses without impacting their finite amount of financial aid
MDC can provide names of ESOL instructors currently engaged in the field
The development of one non-credit (academic outreach, similar to the older ESL 380
in the early 1990s) and two credit classes initially, with additional classes to be
developed to further both sequences as students progress through the program
Courses be developed immediately (this spring) for approval by the end of spring
2011 so that they could be piloted as soon as possible
Staggered rollout of courses – 1st semester: non-credit at Mendocino, first credit at
Eureka (main campus daytime) and non-credit at Eureka (EDTN at night), none at
Del Norte; 2nd semester: first credit at Mendocino, second credit at Eureka, noncredit at Del Norte; credit and non-credit classes to be run at all three campuses
eventually based upon demand and the advancement of students through the
sequence; if resources are limited, priority will be given to providing at least one
offering at each campus
Regular meetings/ communication between all ESOL instructors to ensure cohesive
program with professional ESOL specialist coordinator
4.2 Determine Short and Long-term Committee Priorities for the Next Three Years
(this discussion will be continued at the next meeting)
Short-term priorities
• Getting ESOL curriculum written and implemented
• Investigate administration plans for moving the MDC to new buildings and
advocate for its inclusion in planning
• Plan and hold diversity-related event
Long-term priorities
• Having fully functional, supported, active Multicultural and Diversity
Centers on all three campuses and available to students, staff, and faculty
• Working with a fully functional, supported, active Center for Teaching
Excellence to ensure that regular diversity trainings are available for staff
and faculty
• Working with student organizations and Student Services to ensure that
regular diversity trainings are available for students
• Regularly hold diversity-related events
• Organize a diversity-related speaker/ workshops for convocation in 2012
5. Open Forum/Announcements
6. Adjournment
Ryan Emenaker moved to adjourn the meeting and Ana Maria Mease seconded the
Next Meeting:
Friday, February 4, 2011