2012-2013 Institutional Effectiveness Committee Operating Agreement

Institutional Effectiveness Committee Operating Agreement
The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) supports the district’s mission by evaluating the effectiveness of the
institutional planning process.
The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is to ensure the implementation and ongoing evaluation of
the institutional planning process, to compare the college’s performance to its stated mission and strategic goals, and to
examine the effectiveness indicators to ensure that the college is meeting ACCJC/WASC requirements.
The IEC accomplishes its purpose by:
1. Evaluating the integration of the planning process, including, but not limited to a coordinated, institutional approach in
addressing college priorities and the interrelationship among institutional plans;
2. Monitoring and refining the ongoing planning process;
3. Developing and evaluating critical institutional effectiveness outcome measures to inform the planning process;
4. Providing an annual evaluation of progress toward achievement of the institution’s strategic initiatives;
5. Providing an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the planning committees and the institutional planning process to the
College Council; and
6. Maintain and monitor the adherence to the district planning calendar;
7. Establishing regular communication with the community regarding the institutional planning process; and gaining input
from the college community regarding planning issues;
8. Initiate a quarterly review (twice a semester) of the strategic plan and update as necessary.
Decision Making
The Committee will use a consensus decision-making process in the development of its actions. Actions developed by the
Committee are forwarded to the president and Cabinet for dissemination and discussion by the constituencies and the college
community at large.
One representative from the Manager’s Council
One representative from CSEA
One representative from the Dean’s Council
One representative from ASCR
Two at-large Faculty Members
Director of Institutional Research (Ex Officio)
Director of Planning, Grants, and Institutional Effectiveness (Ex Officio)
Vice President Student Development
Chair, a Vice President, appointed by the President
The membership shall:
 Make student success a top priority
 Be open to new perspectives
 Express opinions in ways that preserve integrity and promote mutual understanding and collaboration
 Consider all the facts and available information before making decisions
 Ensure that all voices are heard
 Use time efficiently and stay on task
 Accept and support decisions reached through consensus
2012-2013 Meeting Dates
 The IEC will meet on the fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month at 3pm