College of the Redwoods Request for Staff Funding FY 2015-16

College of the Redwoods
Request for Staff Funding FY 2015-16
This form should be used for requesting new staff positions and included in the program review
Keith Snow-Flamer
President’s Office
Requested Amount:
0 (reorg will result in savings to the general fund)
Divisional Rank (if any):
Position Title:
Executive Director, Community &
Economic Development
about the position need):
(ex. ISSII, etc.)
description (please provide details
[form will expand as needed]
With the growing programs within Community and Economic Development (CED), the
need to strengthen planning and initiatives within the Strategic Plan and Education
Master Plan, and the foresight to prepare for better opportunities to tie programs and
grant initiatives to support student success, there is a great need to strengthen the
structure behind CED. Within CED, there is currently the Business Training Center,
Community Education, Not-for-credit, contact training, economic development, CR Plus
Senior Programming, adult education and community partner job training. The need to
support adult education and non-credit and to better link both functions to the existing
instructional and student development structure has been identified. CED is a selfsustaining program, has not incurred personnel or discretionary budget from the District,
and has created not-FTE revenue to enhance District programs and services.
This is not a new position. There is a job description and the position has previously
been filled.
Statement of Need (Justify the need for the position)
Community and Economic Development and adult education has increased focus and
opportunities for the District. There is a need to strengthen the oversight and planning in
this area to ensure programs are appropriately tied in with instruction and student
development, planning, assessment, collegial consultation, and community partnerships,
all in an effort to better meet the mission of the institution by ensuring the highest quality
programs and opportunities.
College of the Redwoods
Request for Staff Funding FY 2015-16
Link with Institutional Goal/Assessment Results (Describe):
Annual Plan Goal 1: Student Success – action plans related to SP 1.2.1, 1.4.5, 1.5.1, and
EP 1.2.6, 1.4.1, 1.6.2.
Annual Plan Goal 2: Community Education – Strategic Plan (SP) 2, Focus on Learners:
Community Partnership, Education Master Plan (EP) 2, Develop programs and services
to meet community needs – action plans related to community and workforce training,
adult education, and enhancing community education, incumbent worker, and contract
Annual Plan Goal 3: Fiscal & Operational Sustainability – Strategic Plan 3.1.1 and 3.3.1
pursue grants that help address initiatives related to student success and completion –
Action plans related to fiscal & operational sustainability.
Annual Plan Goal 5: Enhance Institutional Profile – Strategic Plan 5.1, enhance support
for the college community, 5.7, increase public support for the college – action plans
related to community relations & business partnerships/support.