Program: ALSS/Sociology Initiator: D Maher


Request for Tenure Track Faculty

Program: Initiator: ALSS/Sociology D Maher 1. Program(s) Supported by the Discipline (

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): Sociology Addiction Studies (possibly) Native American Studies (possibly) 2. Job Description: Sociology generalist with lecturing and online teaching experience needed to teach at the community Confirm the Following Data:

3. Provide a narrative justifying need for full-time faculty in order to maintain and/or improve program and student learning outcomes (one page max).

Sociology is down one FT professor from years past. The department routinely offers enough course 4. Please check one of the following categories and provide the related information: Faculty Replacement Position: - When will/did the position become vacant (year)prior to 2009 - Incumbent to be replaced: institutional knowledge lost prior to 2009 hire of Dana Maher Growth Position: - Provide a statement on realized and anticipated growth (150 words or less): New Program or Discipline Position: - Has the program initialization process been completed?

- State Curriculum Approval Process Complete? - Has the program grown significantly without FT faculty?

Describe: Ye Yes Yes No No No - Provide data on long term program viability (Demand/employment projections, costs, external scan, etc.)