Building Relationships with Parents/First Days of School



Relationships with

Parents/First Days of


Grades 3-5

Welcome! A little about me!

First Day Jitters

Establish Classroom Climate

• Can you tolerate noise? Must the room always be quiet?

• Must your classroom be neat (orderly rows, clean boards, limited clutter) or can you stand it messy?

• How do you want student to turn in work?

Important First Days Advice

• Be Professional (dress, attitude, manner)

• Be Prepared

• Be Organized (whatever this means for you)

• Be Patient

• Be a Real Person, and Honor Each Student as a

Real Person

• Be Sensible with Discipline

• Be Aware of Your Own Needs

Reasons to Contact Parents?

• Thoughts on this?

• Good reports?

• Bad days?

• Test days?

Biggest Reason for Most Parent

Contact is…Discipline!

• Be consistent!

• Rarely sit down!

• Quickly learn and use student names

• Find an effective means of quieting students, avoid “SHHHHH”

• Avoid using threats for control of the class but if you do, be prepared to carry it out

• Don’t make promises you can’t keep

• When possible discipline a child one-on-one instead of across the room

How will you contact parents?

• In my situation, it depends on the reason…

• Agenda?

• Phone call?

• Notes?

• Request a conference?

My thoughts on parent contact

• Establish a positive rapport with parents and administration

(you will have some meeting with both)

• Keep good, strong lines of communication open between you and parents

• Decide how you want to be contacted (email, school phone, personal phone, text messages, face-to-face)…My advice is

NOT to communicate through social medias (our district does not allow it)

• Don’t be afraid to contact parents

• Contact parents about positive changes also

• Encourage parents to be proud of their children

• Provide opportunities to volunteer/participate in the classroom

Keep a Parent Contact Log

• Some school districts will require this

• Make it simple and keep it handy!

• I don’t use a log to keep track of notes in agenda books, but for conferences and phone calls I try to make quick notes!

• Date Type of Contact Reason for Contact Outcome

Attention Grabbers

• Teacher: Ba da ba ba ba (McDonald’s Theme)

Students: I’m Lovin’ It!

• Teacher: Na na na na, na na na na

Students: Hey, hey, hey, goodbye

• Teacher: Hocus Pocus

Students: Everybody focus!

• Teacher: Macaroni and Cheese

Students: Everybody freeze!

• Teacher: Tootsie Roll, Lollipop

Students: We’ve been talking, now let’s stop!

• Don’t Get

Stuck…ask for help!

• Have Fun!

• In memory of some great role models!

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